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American Idol judge PAULA ABDUL cast her vote for this $10,000 Fujiiryoki massage chair at the GBK Productions Emmy Suite at the Sofitel Hotel in L.A. Aug. 23. "She sat in it for almost 20 minutes," says an eyewitness. - 2006

Hong Sik Pak, MD

"I practice Pain Management and Rehabilitation in Bergen County, New Jersey. I have 15 years of experience in physical medicine, and I am please to say that I have recently implemented massage chair into my practice. My patients are very pleased with my service and even come back more often to be treated by the Fujiiryoki massage chair. I have had many patients that suffer from herniated discs of the vertebrae and I am still learning the different applications the Fujiiryoki massage chair has to offer. I recently treated a patient who suffered from chronic low back pain and radiating pain going down his legs. He was very depressed and complained of numbness and tingles in his legs and feet, and told me he has had this problem for over twenty years. Within 15 minutes of applying Fujiiryoki massage chair, my patient told me he did not feel any more pain. He was very impressed with my treatment. I have no doubt that Fujiiryoki massage chair is the future for treating disc problems, and I strongly recommend Fujiiryoki massage chair fore anyone who is suffering from herniated discs and muscle spasms in their neck and lower back."

Phyllis Mandel, PT

"I am an administrative director in Phelps Memorial Hospital Center. I have been suffering with chronic back pain for many years and have undergone numerous treatment modalities, as well as pain management. As a rehabilitation professional, I felt I had exhausted my options and feared surgical intervention was the only resource left. Dr. William Shen had recently presented the product to me and our Medical Director. He suggested I try the Fujiiryoki massage chair in conjunction with my physical therapy and pain medication. I am pleased to say, I no longer require pain medication. My quality of life is improved. I would recommend this Fujiiryoki massage chair for use by others as an adjunct to their current physical therapy and under the supervision of a physician."

John R., DC

"I had a patient this past Saturday morning who was in a very bad car accident; she could not turn her head and had a swollen left hand with coldness. She could not raise her hand above her waist. Needless to say I could only take x-rays of her and couldn't even do an appropriate orthopedic and physical exam. I put her on the Fujiiryoki massage chair for 15 minutes. Then she was able to turn her head, lift her arm, and had feeling returned to her swollen hand that went down about 75%."

Lori Queen

"I just want to tell you that I love my Dr. Fuji machine. It is the best addition to my work out routine ever! My objective was toning and motivation to keep up a regular routine. This machine is doing both for me. I'm 56 years old and I think I'm in the best shape of my life. Sincerely thank you for a great product."

Angelina Rodriguez

"I was introduced to Fujiiryoki Massage Chair by my best friend Mary. I am a computer engineer. I always have stiff neck and back pain due to my occupation. The first time I saw the website, I was already impressed by stylish design of the massage chairs. I finally purchased one for myself a week after. I had never felt so good before. I strongly recommend whoever suffer neck pain or back pain like me should have one. It helped me to relief the pain that has accompanied me for years."

Efren Fiesta

"I have been working with Ridgefield Imaging for over 3 years as a MRI Technologist. Ridgefield Imaging is very reputable in the community and employs quality personnel and operates with top-notch equipments. About four months ago, Mr. Lee introduced to me Fujiiryoki massage chair. It is quite unique from other massage chair that I have seen. So I took one home for my wife who suffers from neck and shoulder pain and numbness in her arms. Using it for the first time and within 15 minutes of application, her symptoms came down 90%. It was definitely a big relief for my wife. Now she only uses it when it is necessary. It was amazing because she's had several months of therapy and the symptoms were the same, and the first time she tried Fujiiryoki massage chair, her pain had waned down. We compared the images with and without Fujiiryoki massage chair, and noticed significant differences on film for the areas of distress on the vertebrae. Most patients who tried on the Fujiiryoki massage chair told me that they were relieved of their pain and wanted to purchase it for themselves. I have witnessed patients getting relieved of their pain in a matter of minutes after using Fujiiryoki massage chair. This invention can really help many people with their neck and back pain. I highly recommend this product because I have seen the results, very good results."

Janet Wedge

"As a result of spinal stenosis the pain in my back, which radiated down my right leg, was quite excruciating. Imagine how pleased I was to learn that there was a new massage chair that I could use at home. When used while lying down, for 15 minutes, it usually keeps me pain free. Fujiiryoki massage chair gives those of us with back problems a great relief. Fujiiryoki massage chair really works."

Matt Landfield

"I am a senior physical therapist. Thank you for bring Fujiiryoki massage chair to our department-in a short time they have proven to be unique and useful in treating spinal disorders and pain. I have tried Fujiiryoki massage chair for 15 minutes while experiencing low back pain and it completely resolved my complaints while I use it. I have never found such an effective chair. One of my patients is currently using Fujiiryoki massage chair at home and has found it to be the most effective tool in controlling her later day low back and leg pain. She will be writing a letter to you very soon to describe her satisfaction with your product and to thank you. Again, thanks so much for providing one the most effective, easy to use, comfortable, and unique massage chair I have ever found in close to ten years of practice. It will undoubtedly continue to be one of my most powerful tools in therapy."

Samy Yousef

"I am MRI Technologist. I would like to thank you for the trial use of your new product. One of our patients complained of low back pain radiating down to both legs making it difficult for him to walk freely. The patient was bent over in pain as two family members helped him walk into the MRI examination room. Even as he was lying on his back in the MRI machine, he complained of back pain. The MRI exam revealed that our patient suffered form herniated discs in his lumbar spine. After the exam, our patient agreed to try Fujiiryoki massage chair. After using it, I watched our patient move about freely without the help of his family as he smiled and said, "I no longer feel any pain." Thank you for allowing me to share this wonderful experience."

Ho Sung Kang

"I wanted to thank you for introducing Fujiiryoki massage chair to me. Two years ago, I lifted two boxes and my back gave out. Suddenly I felt so much pain in my lower back and tried going everywhere to get some relief. I visited an orthopedic doctor, a chiropractor and even an acupuncturist but only received temporary relief. I had also been taking medicine for the past two years but I still had pain and numbness going down my legs. I felt the worse pain especially at night and had trouble falling asleep, also felt pain and stiffness in the mornings. My wife advised me to try Fujiiryoki massage chair and the following day I decided to give it a visit. The first day I tried on Fujiiryoki massage chair I must say that I never experienced anything like it. Immediately I felt my back pain go away. I continued to use it for 15 minutes per day for two months and felt that I was cured of back pain. I eventually stopped taking any medication. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. I strongly recommend Fujiiryoki massage chair to anyone who goes through the same daily struggles that I had gone through for many years."


"The Fujiiryoki massage chair is a miracle! For the past three years I have had chronic back pain (sometimes so severe that I would be in bed for two weeks at a time). I have seen specialists, taken medicine, been in physical therapy for months, and followed faithfully a twice daily regime of back exercises. I still had constant pain and what I could do was terribly restricted. Since I started using the chair, I have little or no pain and can do things I haven't been able to do in years. Even if I didn't have back problems I would want a Fujiiryoki massage chair. It offers one of the best massages I have had and I can have it anytime I want in the comfort of my own home."

"In 1996, my wife, Michelle, had an accident while skiing, tearing the ACL in her right knee and breaking her back...we came upon the exhibit by one of the distributors of the ACIGI Relaxation at Reno Home Show. Michelle sat down and after just 15 minutes of various levels of massage from the chair, she felt better than ever. We immediately purchased one and she has used it every day since it was delivered. Michelle is a realtor in the Susanville, California area and is constantly on her feet showing the chair is always the first thing she heads for when she comes home after a long day."

"I purchased a Fujiiryoki massage chair last month. Due to having experienced two rear-end collisions (not my fault!) I had been seeing my chiropractor every week, sometimes twice a week due to pain from the injury. I am pleased to say that since last month I have not been back to my chiropractor or any doctor due to pain. That is incredible and I owe it to Fujiiryoki massage chair that has allowed me to relax after a long day of work and adjust my spine while relaxing in my own home, not to mention the money I have saved ($65/visit x 52 weeks=$3,380). The results have been miraculous."

"I have been enjoying Fujiiryoki massage chair for several months. It has helped immensely with the arthritis that was taking over my hands. Please send your brochure to my sister-in-law who has similar problems."

"We would like to thank you for Fujiiryoki massage chair because of my lower back pains, cervical spurs, and leg spasms. We had been looking for a massage chair for a year and have found that the Fujiiryoki massage chair was the best on the market for quality of construction and service. Thank you again."

"I would like to tell you what a great feeling I had after sitting in one of your massage chairs. I have arthritis really bad and at times I can hardly walk because it hurts so much. My neighbor invited me over to their house to try out their new massage chair. After sitting in one of your massage chairs I felt so much better that I knew right away I had to have one. Thank you for improving my quality of life."

"The Fujiiryoki massage chair is a beautiful and marvelous creation! I have had three lumbar surgeries and have MS. This chair has the distinct ability to ease and relax all the body areas that need relief. It has the ability to massage your feet too! Amazing! Thank you, all of you, for your caring and understanding."

"What an incredible find! This year we purchased a full body massage chair. The brand we purchased was Fujiiryoki SKS-1800 massage chair. MS has caused me to have back pain, as well as a lot of muscle stiffness in my legs. This chair has helped me because of its massaging features. This chair will massage you from head to toe, literally! If I follow the product guide, it feels wonderful. I have been out of physical therapy now since late September 2005 and do not feel as if I am going to have to go back anytime soon. This chair has so many different massage features that it will keep me flexible and on the move! When we got the chair I was using it daily and it would put me to sleep. Now, I use it more when I have pain and it takes care of my pain in a matter of just a few minutes. I would encourage anyone with MS to look into a chair like this for a better quality of life with more flexibility."

"After 15 minutes in the chair, I felt loose, relaxed, more flexible and ready to play my best. I knew I wouldn't leave the tournament without buying one for myself. At our level, each of us is looking for anything to give us a competitive edge. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep your chair a secret, so it was no surprise to hear that Dana [Quigley], Chichi [Rodriguez], Mike [Smith], Pat [MacDonald], Hugh [Baiocchi], Jim [Colbert] and Tom [Purtzer] all bought Fujiiryoki massage chair before leaving the tournament on Sunday. So much for "competitive advantage."

"I hope I'll see you and your chairs at more upcoming tour events. That deep, vigorous massage really made a difference in my overall outlook and performance. Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the chair in my home. Please count me as one of your most vocal supporters!"

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the excellent service and support we have received from your organization for Fujiiryoki massage chair. After we purchased the chair we soon learned to enjoy it and looked forward to relaxing in its soothing comfort. We are extremely pleased with the results and consider it to be a valuable part of our lives. When we had owned the chair for a short time the left arm of the chair developed an annoying buzzing and loud vibrating noise that was abnormal. We were afraid that there wouldn't be any warranty service and that it would cost us a considerable amount to have the arm of the chair repaired. To our surprise and delight we were informed that you would totally replace the left arm of the chair at no cost to us. To say that we are pleased with your service and support is an understatement. We highly recommend both your organization and fine product. In fact we have encouraged two of our family members to purchase Fujiiryoki massage chair from you as proof."

"My Fujiiryoki massage chair was delivered yesterday, and I got it put together with no problem. It was as wonderful as I remembered it from the Home and Garden show. I have been living with back pain for a long time and after just one session in the chair I feel so much better. I feel confident that through regular use the pain will be a forgotten memory. Thank you for the prompt delivery and the courteous help I received on ordering the chair."

"I have dealt with many companies over the years of doing business. Very seldom do you come across a company that stands behind their words and products. Most companies would stand behind the contract and not be concerned about the person. This is not so with ACIGI Relaxation. They are real professionals that are concerned with you as a person. They want to make sure you are completely satisfied with their service and product. I would highly recommend doing business with them. They do business how every company should. Thank you for understanding our particular problem and taking the chair back even though you didn't have to."