Relax and enjoy a full back massage with the Dr. Fuji FJ-052 Cyber-Relax Back & Waist Tapping Massager. The FJ-052 massages your back while melting away tension, muscle pain, and fatigue. Its customizable features allow you to choose from six pre-programmed massages, or you may customize a program to fit your needs. The soothing heat provides a deeper relaxing massage.


  • Powerful drum massage to effectively relieve shoulders, back, and waist.
  • 6 pre-programmed massage modes.
  • 9 types of intensities.
  • Automatic and manual modes.
  • Snug body-hugging design for a comfortable and targeted massage.
  • Temperature protection safety feature.
  • Portable, hands-free, and perfect ergonomic design.
  • One-touch control panel with LED light indicators.
  • Built-in auto timer of 7 minutes.