Controlled by a microcomputer that performs a variety of intelligent massage techniques and combinations, the FJ-4600B massage chair is designed to soothe muscles, alleviate stress and fatigue, increase metabolism and energy, and improve blood circulation. This Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax FJ-4600B massage chair improves your overall health and contributes to a better lifestyle. With a sensation of weightlessness, this zero-gravity chair will transcend your massage
experience like no other.


  • Consists of 14 sets of automated massage programs (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Deep Massage).
  • Various types of massages, which are customizable with the massage chair function.
  • 3D-styled massage is specially designed according to the curve of the human back to provide thorough massages.
  • In-depth massages that provide an experience that goes beyond the acupressure experience.
  • Adjustable functions, such as massage strengths and timer.
  • 32 air bags to give an intense air bag massage.
  • Easy moving with rollers.
  • New functions, such as vibration, heating massage, hip air massage, and many more!

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