Overview(*220v Available):

This advanced tapping massager provides an immediate soothing massage experience at the comfort of your own home. Its snug body hugging design allows for a targeted massage, providing quick relief for neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, buttock pain, and upper & lower back pain. It comes with 20 automatic massage programs. At various intensity levels, you can enjoy a drum type, symmetrical, and powerful deep massage. This massager uses heat to effectively relieve muscle aches or stiffness, and increases blood flow to the muscles.


    • Tapping massage for effective relief of neck, shoulders, and thigh aches.
    • 20 massage programs with 10 intensity levels.
    • Digital display.
    • Artificial leather material.
    • Heating function, which increases massage effects.
    • Auto mode.
    • Circuit protection.
    • Built-in auto timer of 8 mins.
    • Built-in sandbag not only increases the weight, but also allows for a powerful massage.