Our FJ-4500 Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax® Top Deluxe Massage Chair offers high grade massages with characters of an original style, complete functions, and convenient operations.


  • 3D Solid Massage Function: Experience 3D four-rollers mechanical massages, The unique 3D massage mode can perform basic massage functions, such as kneading, rolling, tapping, and pressing, along with seizing and kneading. The massage rollers stretch out and provide fantastic life-like massages on shoulders and backs. No other massage chair on the market can do a shoulder massage as well as this chair does.
  • Extend Function: 4 sets of air bags in the buttock and waist; stretch and twist massages on buttocks and waists; and relaxing of the stressed muscle(s).
  • Foot Swing Function: The footrest swings left and right within a range of 17 degrees to remove the fatigue in ankles caused by standing or walking for long periods of time.
  • Air Pressure Massage Function: 14 sets of air bags in the leg rest can provide pulse squeezing massages on legs and feet, which can promote circulation of blood capillaries.
  • Double Air Pumps: Experience deeper and stronger air massages.
  • New Massage Programs: Designed with ergonomics and Chinese traditional medicine therapy in mind, the massage programs offer rolling, kneading, tapping, knocking, and other mixed massage functions on the neck, shoulders, waist, buttocks, legs and feet while stimulating acupoints, removing fatigue, and offering you an exuberant and relaxed feeling.
  • Accommodating: Our chair accommodates different users of varying sizes and preferences.
  • Back Detecting Function: Adjusts for different people, tracks the body curve, and adjusts the position of massage wheels automatically to maintain an effective strength of massages on the whole back.
  • Leg Detecting Function: Detects the length of the user's legs. The leg rest can be adjusted within 20 cm automatically to obtain the correct position for massaging. Our chair is fit for people with different statures.
  • "Falling Ground" Detecting Function: As soon as the footrest moves down, right before touching the ground, it can draw back to a comfortable position.
  • Long Backrest Rail: Suitable for different users of varying heights.
  • Backrest and Legrest: Can be adjusted by an electric actuator to any ideal angle with convenience and an attractive design.
  • Up and Down Hidden Armrest: 2 groups of air bags on both sides can provide a comfortable effect via air pressure. After massaging, the armrest will draw back into the main body. A beautiful, convenient, and comfortable feeling for you!
  • Armrest and Legrest: Can be separated from the main chair, is easy to assemble, and makes it more convenient to move the chair.
  • Main Control Box: Can be pulled out of the chair, which is convenient for repair.
  • Colorful LCD Touch Screen Controller: With menu operation interface, 6 different languages, pictures, voice prompts, etc., making it easier to operate.
  • Built-in MP3: Can broadcast music in MP3 and WMA formats, and can accept avi/mpg/mp4 formats in U Disc, SD and MMC card.
  • Portable Remote Controller: Can control/adjust the chair conveniently while the chair reclines via the controller.
  • Our mechanical drive and low-noise design offer a comfortable feeling.

You will benefit from our Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax FJ-4500 Massage Chairs and will feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and relaxed with a full body professional therapeutic massage if you are suffering from aches and pain, backaches, shoulder and neck pain, diabetic neuropathy, etc.

For Further Information:

Download the FJ-4500 Instructional Flyer (PDF format)