• Massage Mechanism on the Back of the Chair:The mechanism can automatically adapt to various body shapes, thus providing a considerate massage.
  • Multi-Massage Modes:The back massage mechanism works from the neck and shoulders to the waist with the modes of kneading, tapping, sync, shiatsu, etc. It brings both relaxation and refreshment. Massage speeds and width are adjustable according to your needs.
  • Four Auto Massage Modes: Recovery, Relief, Neck and Shoulder, Back and Waist are the four effective auto massage modes.
  • Wave-Like Massage from the Airbags:The airbags on both sides of your buttocks and the airbags on your calves alternate and cycle when massaging, so you experience relieving and rejuvenating massages.
  • Integrity Design: Our FJ-3800 massage chair excels compared to other bill-operated chairs due to the integration of the control panel with the bill acceptor, which prevents loss of the controller. The chair prevails in airports, stations, shopping malls, and elsewhere.
  • Unique and Safe Lock Design:There are two locks to ensure that bills are safely accepted - one to lock the side panel, which hides the bill receptor inside, and one to lock the bill receptor.