At Fujiiryoki, we are so confident in offering companies with the best massage benefits to their employees. Already many companies, like Google Inc. and the Planet Beach Spa Franchise, have deployed our massage chairs. A NASA study affirmed that a short nap taken during work hours can increase productivity by 35% and improve judgment by 50%. Indeed, the largest search engine company in the world provides its staff with Fujiiryoki USA Cyber Relax massage chairs for their breaks. Even with the knowledge that massage chairs are effective for easing and relieving fatigue/pain, modern workers are too busy with their work and personal lives to find the chance to enjoy massages for themselves. With Fujiiryoki, you and your employees can enjoy the pleasure and benefits of a short, but effective high-quality massage. Compared to other brands, Fujiiryoki USA reigns supreme for many reasons:

  • We are the market leader (25 million Yen sales amount; 50% market share in Japan; and Fujiiryoki will be IPO in 2010 in Japan).
  • 100% Japanese made (including labor).
  • Good Design Golden Award in 2003 in Japan, along with other noteworthy awards.
  • Light weight, low power consumption.
  • Designed PU massage chairs material, instead of artificial leather which other massage chair companies use.
  • More air bags and combinations of massages.
  • Foot stretching and extension features.
  • Fine massage point adjustments.
  • 3-D digital navigating scanner.
  • Advanced S-Curve spinal and 2 tracks design (most massage chairs are straight and have the single track design in the market).
  • 2 multi-directional flexible massage rollers (compared to the 4-ball design of most massage chairs found in the market, which limits flexibility and the reaching of the upper neck and lower back areas).
  • Self scanner and diagnostic program for error analysis.
  • FDA approved therapeutic effects.


Every year, employers confront skyrocketing healthcare and workers compensation premiums, the increasing number of employees with chronic disease, and millions of dollars in losses from medical costs, lost productivity, and absenteeism. Helping people stay healthy costs far less than treating people once they become ill or injured. Cyber Relax Massage Chairs provide employers, health care management companies, and insurers a better way to manage employee health risks, to improve productivity, and to reduce overall health care costs.

The benefits of Fujiiryoki USA Cyber Relax Massage Chairs include:

  • Identifying Health Risks: Cyber Relax massage chairs provide a low-cost and time-efficient method to help your employees. It also helps reduce ineffective and inefficient health care expenditures, and plan for current and future costs.
  • Empowering Your Employees: The Cyber Relax massage chairs provide your employees with decreased health risks.
  • Creating a Healthy Corporate Culture: We support your organization's efforts to create a community health model that promotes healthy behavior and wellness.
  • Impacting the Bottom Line: Our Fujiiryoki massage chairs help employers increase productivity, improve employee morale, lower health care costs, and enhance the overall quality of life for employees. Our Cyber Relax massage chairs provide a cost-effective investment and valuable employee benefits.


We all experience stress. Employees everywhere suffer from accumulated fatigue, stress, stiff shoulders, and back pain. While this may seem trivial, in aggregate this can harm your company.

To address this issue, more companies around the world have made a commitment to obtain the necessary resources to establish an effective corporate wellness program designed to enhance worker health, reduce sick leaves, improve morale, and increase productivity. Today, many companies offer our massage chairs for staff use to reduce their fatigue and stress.

A NASA study proved that a short nap taken during working hours increased productivity by 35% and improved judgment by 50%. The University of North Carolina compared a 10-minute massage break to a standard coffee break. It revealed that a massage provided a more effective way for relieving stress at work. Indeed, the largest search engine company in the world provides its staff with Dr. Fuji Cyber Relax Massage Chairs for employee breaks. It is important for companies to realize that just a little relaxation time in a massage chair can improve productivity.

The following statistics show that a great deal of financial loss is suffered by employers due to back- and stress-related illnesses:

  • 68% view stress as a major issue.
  • Stress is the main cause of absenteeism.
  • Over 40% of the working population is affected by back pain (back pain is not specific to manual work force but a major problem among office staff too, who tend to spend most of their time behind desks).
  • Over half a million people are affected by back pain each and every day.
  • A staggering 33 million workdays were lost in 2001 due to Back and Stress related illnesses, costing the UK economy £11.8 billion (CBI survey 2002).

Here at Fujiiryoki USA/Dr. Fuji, we assist companies in providing massage benefits to their employees. Already, many companies in Europe have deployed our massage chairs. Fujiiryoki USA/Dr. Fuji has been manufacturing massage chairs for decades.

Our consistent focus on technological development and our faithful commitment to massage excellence reflect our mission to offer improved mental and physical health to those who use our products. Over the years, our company has conducted many independent studies, and a doctor of acupuncture advises us how to best to provide a chair massage comparable and of therapeutic value to that of a professional expert in massage techniques. The doctor warns us that stress and stiff body parts should not be taken lightly. Stress may lead to headaches, stiff shoulders, eye strain or more serious conditions, such as cold hands & feet or illnesses that affect internal organs. Insomnia and even depression may be a consequence of stress. Massage releases endorphins, an important pleasure hormone with soothing stress reducing qualities. Endorphins are released when a person feels pleasure or enjoyment and are believed to boost immunity as well as the self healing powers of our bodies.

Even with the knowledge that a massage is effective for easing fatigue, modern workers are too busy with work and home life to find the opportunity to get massages on their own. With Fujiiryoki USA/Dr. Fuji products, you and your employees can enjoy the pleasure and benefits of a short high-quality massage. Please find below some features of our massage chairs:

  • All of our products use proprietary infrared scanning technology to accurately locate individual pressure points and to tailor our massage sessions appropriately for the specific user.
  • Data collected from a vast sample of body profiles enable our massage chairs to accommodate many body types.
  • Our massage mechanism design is based on the geometry of human hands, and its ability to create a number of irregular movements makes it possible to achieve massage variations that mimic real human hands.
  • The design of the massage mechanism allows faithful imitation of human massage techniques and offers a wide and varied massaging effect.

We have also focused on effectively massaging the extremities. Air cushions located at the instep and sole of the feet massage each toe to the tips, and massages your heels and calves. Air cushions in the seat massage the hamstrings and buttocks. The palms of your hands and fingers, which are the site of many important pressure points, are also completely massaged and loosened.

The University of Bergische (Germany) conducted research to evaluate this company's corporate wellness program. The results were surprising. 47% of employees reported a decrease in drowsiness, as well as relief from tension, whilst 67% reported feeling increasingly refreshed. Fujiiryoki USA/Dr. Fuji has provided more than just stress relief and health maintenance for workers; it has also delivered an increase in productivity that benefits the workers and leaders of the company.


Your success depends on serving your client's needs. Easy-to-use massage technology helps you increase client retention, attract new business, and increase revenues while improving overall customer service and satisfaction. Work with us, and attract and engage prospective clients at open houses, health fairs, etc.


Today's health care professionals recognize the value of disease prevention and embrace more proactive and integrated approaches to patient care. That's why leading hospitals, physician practices, managed care organizations, physical therapy facilities, and alternative care clinics rely on Fujiiryoki USA Cyber Relax massage chair technology to improve clinical outcomes.

  • Provide Low-Cost Massage Therapy: Cyber Relax massage chairs provide a low-cost and time-efficient method for patients.
  • Motivate and Empower Your Patients: This is a powerful way to address the emotional and motivational components of health improvement. Our professional techniques remove accumulated strain, even in your brain. Extreme mechanisms provide exquisite comfort that imitate the deep, powerful, and pliant touch of rear hands massage and squeeze away tension, pain and stress.
  • Support Higher Quality, More Personalized Care: Our Cyber Relax massage chairs provide you with medically-based massage programs for improvement. Our medical massage chairs reinforce the benefits of therapy to help your patients achieve optimal results.
  • Customize for Success: The user-friendly design allows you to customize programs for a particular approach to wellness management.
  • Build Your Practice: A highly valuable marketing tool for building new businesses, regular health and fitness generate long-term revenues from out-of-pocket and third party reimbursements, and allow you to easily manage corporate wellness contracts. The value and utility of Cyber Relax technology differentiates your practice from other health care providers and enhances your patient acquisition and retention efforts.